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Food Service

Provide a Safe, Clean & Hygienic Dining Experience

In the food service industry, maintaining impeccable hygiene isn’t just a goal- it’s an essential pillar of success. We understand that the success of your food service operation hinges on a seamless flow of service, meeting NZ Food Safety Standards, and safeguarding your staff. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, and that’s why our innovative products are thoughtfully designed to elevate every side of your establishment.


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Powerful Performance, Uncompromised Safety

From the moment your valued customers step through your front door, to the heart of your bustling kitchen, our cleaning solutions leave no corner untouched. Our high-performance products are the backbone of your defence against germs and contaminants. We ensure dishes, food prep surfaces, ovens, fryers, and floors are not just clean – they’re hygienically impeccable.

The Power of Nature

In our commitment to a greener future, we proudly offer the Advance Nature – Eco-friendly Chemical Range. These specially formulated products provide an eco-conscious alternative without compromising on performance. Embrace safer yet equally effective solutions that align with your sustainability goals.

Free Site Audit

A free site audit is a thorough assessment by our sales team at your premise to evaluate your cleaning practices, identify hygiene challenges, and recommend a tailored solution to cleanliness, safety, efficiency, and ultimately save costs.

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How we can help you achieve your cleaning and hygiene goals?

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