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Commercial Cleaning Services

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At Advance, we know that satisfying customers is key to commercial cleaning success. As a fellow advocate of hygienic spaces, we recognize the significance of leaving a lasting impact. Our comprehensive solutions, backed by industry expertise and innovative techniques, are designed to help you stand out in the competitive world of commercial cleaning. Our holistic approach drives leaner, greener, and more efficient operations, propelling your business forward.

Efficiency for Productivity

Efficiency is key to effective facility management. Efficient processes and reliable supply chains will boost your productivity. With 11 offices across New Zealand, Advance offers tailored cleaning supplies and support for seamless operations.

Smart Maintenance, Lasting Savings

Maintenance is pivotal. Strategic planning reduces expenses, prolongs asset life, and optimises resources. Advance’s expertise empowers smart maintenance strategies.

Green Sustainability, Bright Future

Environmental sustainability matters. Embrace eco-friendly practices to nurture a greener tomorrow and enhance efficiency. Advance supports eco-conscious facility management with approved, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Safety First

Prioritise safety and compliance through comprehensive protocols and support.

Elevate your standard with Advance

With proven solutions and expertise, Advance is your unwavering support for high performance products that support operational efficiency and sustainability.

How we can help you achieve your cleaning and hygiene goals?

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