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Child Care

Creating Clean, Hygienic and Safe Learning Spaces

At Advance, we understand the profound significance of maintaining a clean and hygienic childcare environment. It’s not just about looking nice – it’s about safeguarding the health, safety, and well-being of staff, children, and their families.


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Factors Facilitating the Spread of Illness:

Developing Immune Systems: Children at this age are building their immune systems, making them more vulnerable to illnesses.

Unhygienic Behaviours: Mouthing objects and suboptimal hand-to-mouth habits can accelerate germ transmission.

Personal Hygiene Learning: Young children are still learning proper hygiene practices and often need supervision for handwashing.

Crowded Spaces: The proximity of many children in enclosed areas increases the risk of germ transfer.

Microbial Contamination: Germs can hide on things kids touch a lot, like toys, beds, and things they eat with.

Creating a clean, safe space for kids is crucial. High-touch areas like toys, cribs, and diaper-changing spots need special care. Our chemicals are tailored for safety and efficacy, including eco-friendly options approved by MPI and Eco Choice Aotearoa.

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A free site audit is a thorough assessment by our sales team at your premise to evaluate your cleaning practices, identify hygiene challenges, and recommend a tailored solution to cleanliness, safety, efficiency, and ultimately save costs.

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