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Our range of chemicals delivers consistent high quality results every time. For us, it is the combination of quality, performance, savings and sustainability.

Our Vision is to create healthier
environments for a sustainable future.

Restaurant Cleaning Solutions - Advance Clean
We help businesses create healthy and safe spaces for their customers and staff
We are committed to protect and preserve the environment we work and live in
We help businesses succeed by safeguarding their reputation and profitability

Our approach has always been to understand your business requirements and set up a cleaning and hygiene solution that is tailor-fit, world-class, and sustainable.

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Clean Ideas, Smarter Business

Whatever is your business – from accommodation to health care, from education to food service, we will provide you a specific cleaning and hygiene solution designed for your market.

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Chef using Surfa-San no rinse sanitiser in Restaurant Kitchen.

Introducing Surfa-San: a No-Rinse Food-Grade Sanitiser

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, Surfa-San. As a no-rinse Food Grade Disinfectant/Sanitiser, Surfa-San is designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene in food preparation areas while offering convenience and efficiency. 

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clean and Shiny floor

Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance: Chemicals and Machines

Maintaining hard floors involves a strategic approach, including the use of specialised chemicals and machines.

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Cleaning a wooden floor using wet mop

Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

Keeping your commercial floors clean and sparkling takes more than just a quick sweep. A proper floor cleaning and maintenance system is key to extending the life of your floors, maintaining a professional appearance, and creating a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

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